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    It was cold. She headed straight to the parapet. The sky was deep blue. She leaned on the cold iron bar and slightly rose her head towards the sun, breathing deeply the fresh air. Her blond hair fluttered in the breeze, looking like some thin gold threads. Her green eyes watered as she stood there and her mind wandered... She was like a broken diamond, precious but in pieces ; torn up.



    It was her last morning, the last sunrise left for her to see. And she knew. That she had lost it all, all the things she had cherished, her Life. She knew but she didn't think, she didn't feel any more. She couldn't think. Her eyes were tired of crying, her mind tired of thinking, her back tired of working. And she knew. She knew that she could have a last cup of coffee, a last cigarette, a last glass of whiskey to drown her pain in. But she was sick of it, sick of hiding in alcohol, of having pointless days and of screaming in emptiness. Nothing could hurt her more, so why should it go on ? Holding on to nothing, she thought to herself, was like swimming pointlessly in the middle of the sea. She didn't think because she couldn't think any more. But she knew. So she decided that it was it, it was The Moment. The moment she had thought about so many times before, the moment she had dreamt of and envied so many times before. She knew that she could have a last cup of coffee, a last cigarette or a last glass of whiskey to drown her pain in, but there wasn't any last cigarette, any glass of alcohol, there wasn't even a last phone call or a last yell. She just knew and was quiet ; so she jumped off the parapet and flew... And flew, and flew... And flew.




    btw, mon blog a eu 2 ans il y a quelques jours, merci à tous pour votre suivi et vos visites ! <3

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    Mardi 11 Novembre 2014 à 07:20

    C'est balèze dis moi!!!

    Sacré maîtrise de l'anglais o.O Avec une fin pareille et la gymnopédie, ça peut pas être plus excellent ^^

    Mardi 11 Novembre 2014 à 07:26

    Salut ,

    merci, I"m learning each and every day ^^"

    merci bonne journée ! smile

    Mardi 11 Novembre 2014 à 09:40

    C'est magnifique, vraiment !
    Et en anglais en plus... Franchement bravo, comment fais-tu pour maîtriser autant l'anglais ?

    Joyeux anniv' à ton blog, et bonne continuation !

    Mardi 11 Novembre 2014 à 09:54

    Coucou Swirl, merci beaucoup ! Écoute... je laisse parler mon cœur.. :') non je plaisante lol, je l'utilise tellement tous les jours que c'est presque devenu "naturel" en fait

    Merci beaucoup de ton passage, bonne journée !

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